ClasAmps & Repair

Hi, this is Bruce Sanderson Owner and technician at ClasAmps & Repair. I have more than 40 years in electronics with 20+ years in the Navy fixing some sophisticated radar and communications gear. Since retiring I started ClasAmps & Repair while living in Jacksonville, NC and earned repair rep status with Fender and Peavey and technician for a music store that handled Marshall amps and cabinets. I also started a line of speaker cabinets built in my shop and customized using Eminence speakers. Following my wife’s retirement from the Navy, we moved to Vail,AZ where I obtained a license to do business as Vail’s only guitar and PA amp repair and cabinet maker. I charge a fixed rate for labor plus parts and guarantee my work for at least 60 days.

I can be reached at 520-907-3929 or email at Or visit my shop at 3635 E Rincon View Dr, Vail AZ.